Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ragasiya - Make hay while the sun shines!

‘Tough times never last but tough people do’ is the title of a famous book by Robert H. Schuller. Yes. It is tough time for full-time glamour artists. They face fierce competition from heroines. Earlier when heroines were singing duets with heroes and handling emotional scenes, glamour artists used to spice up the films with their glamourous appearance in cameo roles besides performing dance in item songs. Now top heroines like Namitha, Nayanthara, Trisha, Priyamani, Shreya, etc are setting fire on silver screen with their sizzling appearances. Especially Nymphet Namitha accepts cameo roles in Tamil films like Pandi, Perumal, Thee, etc and appears in item songs also.

Mumbai based Ragasiya made her debut in Tamil Cinema with the block buster song ‘Chirichi Chirichi Vantha Seena Thaana Doi’ in Vasool Raja MBBS. That song induced everybody (from kids to elders) to dance for it and enjoyed overwhelming response. Thereafter she performed dance in an item song in Dishyum. She appeared with yesteryear make-up in a song sequence in the film Periyar. She acted as an investigative journalist in ‘Indra Vizha’ which is expected to hit silver screen soon and she danced with hero of that film Srikanth for a remix song. After Indra Vizha, she was expecting same kind of offers (cameo role + item song offers) from Kollywood but the opportunities are not forthcoming. Instead, she faced severe competition from Mumaith Khan, Malavika, Tejashree, Namitha, etc. So, she has decided to accept item song offers again. She is doing item song in the upcoming film ‘Vaigai’ and in one more tamil film. Since Mumaith Khan is busy as heroine with the bi-lingual film ‘Machakanni’ and Tejashree is expecting challenging roles and deciding to accept offers only after the release of ‘Brahma Deva’, it is good decision on the part of Ragasiya to fill-up the vacuum and grab item song offers before it goes to her opponents.

With her decision she made it clear that ‘When Survival becomes the essence No Sentiments’. Let her make hay while the sun shines!

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