Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anushka is in Smoking actress list?

It is not easy to meet the expectations of oneself and the audience, but the Hot, Sexy, Sizzling and Gorgeous Actress Anushka got her loyalists twisted around her little finger. While she unfailingly sizzles for her ardent fans, she also throws in some surprising acts in meaty roles. After proving her acting prowess in ‘Arundhathi’, she did extremely glamourous role in Telugu ‘Billa’. She is portraying a role of prostitute in her upcoming Telugu movie ‘Vedam’ starring Allu Arjun and Manchu Manoj.

Anushka’s first Tamil film ‘Rendu’ did not fare well in box office but her hot glamourous appearance in two song sequences fascinated glam adorers. But her performance in Tamil dubbed version of ‘Arundhathi’ earned her fans from all walks of life. As my friend Tamil Sydney rightly predicted she would become No.1 heroine in Tamil after the release of Vettaikaran, Siruthai and Singam. A leading Tamil Website written recently in its gossip column that Anushka is always seen in studios with Cigarette in hand and smoke in her mouth. She has become a chain smoker and she lights one after the other. When asked why, she says she smokes for trimming her body. If we keep on smoking, we don’t feel hungry. Feeling hungry makes us eat more and end up in obese. Smoking is a trick to avoid this, she added.

Earlier Namitha and Reema Sen were gossiped for smoking. But Anushka’s case is entirely different. She is basically a Yoga Instructor. She maintains her shape perfectly through Yoga. If she smokes, she can’t do Yoga and Pranayama. I think she may pretend to be smoking just to avoid unwanted persons or heroes disturbing her in her leisure time. British ethnologist and writer Desmond Morris rightly said “The very act of smoking a cigarette is, for many, a major source of Displacement Activities... smoking can play a valuable role in a society full of minute-by-minute tensions and pressures. It is so much more than a question of inhaling smoke

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