Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nayantara getting along with Prabhu Deva or Misfortune?

English satirist Samuel Butler once said "Diseases of their own Accord, But Cures come difficult and hard." In Tamil we say this as “Sontha Selavila Sooniyam Vachikirathu.” I remembered these quotes when I read the news that Nayanthara is going to sell her black beauty BMW X5 Car to get rid of her financial crisis.

We have already written in this site that Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva have been living together without marrying legally and they have been attending public functions together like husband and wife. Earlier this month there was news that they both married secretly exchanging garlands in the presence of Prabhu Deva’s parents Sundaram and Mahadevamma. Even their secret marriage photo was published in net. It is to be noted that they have not denied this news till date.

A few months ago, a Tamil evening daily published a gossip that the BMW Car dealer visited Nayan’s residence to seize her BMW X5 as she did not pay her installments in time. Nayan pleaded the dealer that she could not pay as she was busy and away from her hometown for shootings and wait till she returns home. As the dealer denied her request, Prabhu Deva issued cheque for the due amount to stop the forfeiture.

Nayanthara at present has only 3 films in her kitty viz. Boss Engira Bhaskaran(Tamil), Electra(Malayalam) & Super(Kannada). Producers and directors are hesitating to book her as she lost her charm among audience. Nayan also wants to settle down with Prabhu Deva soon and so she is not trying for fresh offers. Even she takes frequent breaks from her shooting schedules and follows Prabhu Deva wherever he goes. Prabhu Deva is now in France for filming ‘Ich’. Nayan who has to attend the shooting of Boss Engira Bhaskaran in Switzerland is now with Prabhu Deva in Paris and she will go to Switzerland once the crew reaches there.

With no fresh offers in hand and unwanted travelling expenses to follow Prabhu Deva wherever he goes, Nayan exhausted all the liquid cash she had and she is now in severe financial crunch. To overcome her financial crisis, she is planning to sell her BMW X5 Car. Yes. She can definitely get rid of her financial crisis temporarily by selling her car. But this is not an end. This is only a beginning. She still has long way to go and her illegal desire to live with Prabhu Deva would demand more such sacrifices. I know ‘Love is Blind’ but I could perceive its real meaning with Nayan’s behaviour.

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