Thursday, July 15, 2010

Namitha – Secret behind Suicide Gossip Unveiled!

As you all aware, a gossip does not arise on its own. If you closely follow the gossip thread, to your surprise, the person gossiped may be the creator of the gossip.

Recently there was a hot gossip on net that Buxom babe Namitha attempted to commit suicide and later her PRO confirmed that Namitha is safe and it was a rumour only. Though it was evident that it was a baseless rumour, her fans went crazy and they could not even bear that false news. Initially Namitha too furiously said that she will not hesitate to take legal action against those who spread such baseless rumours. After that, she did not pursue the issue and neglected it. Now, the Secret is Out!

Why Namitha did not pursue that gossip issue further is because that gossip was spread purposely by her close relatives only. A famous Tamil biweekly revealed in its current issue that the suicide gossip was deliberately spread by Namitha’s close relatives as per an astrologer’s advice to dispel the supposed effects of the blight of the eye (In Tamil, we call it as ‘Dirushti kazhitthal’). Followed by this, a ‘special pooja’ also performed in a temple in Rajasthan for Namitha.

Whether they are dispelling the blight of the eye or performing pooja, one thing is sure. Namitha has got the publicity she wanted. After continuous failure of her films, she has been almost off the silver screen and news. She has got only one Tamil film, ‘Ilaignan’, in her hand and that too she is portraying a negative role. She is seen on Kalaignar TV only once in a week. What a pathetic situation for this 2nd most searched actress in Google in 2008 to resort to such cheap publicity to be in news. Let’s wish Sizzling Siren Namitha to revive from the present situation and become the Sex Diva of the Southern Cine Circuit again!

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