Friday, July 2, 2010

Priyamani upset about Rape Sentiment

It seems Priyamani is in annoyed mood nowadays. Normally gossips about their personal life irritate heroines. Contrary to this, a talk in the film industry related to her profession aggravated Priyamani. Does not this sound interesting? Scroll down to catch what annoyed her!

A famous Tamil portal recently published that a talk in the Kollywood about a sentiment involving Priyamani annoyed her. You would have heard about ‘Mother Sentiment’, ‘Sister Sentiment’ and ‘Village Sentiment’ in films. A latest addition to the above list is ‘Rape Sentiment’. The talk goes like this: In the climax scene of ‘Paruthi Veeran’, a gang brutally rapes Priyamani and that scene was widely talked. Similarly, in the recent release ‘Raavanan’ also a group of Policemen brutally rape Priyamani and that scene too grabbed the attention of the mass and widely talked. So, there is a perfect match between Rape Scene and Priyamani and she is best suited for such scenes. On hearing this talk, Priyamani was upset and she was extremely displeased as to how people talk like this about a heroine.

Recently Priyamani alleged that Tamil cinema producers and directors are neglecting her even though she won National Award for Best Actress. She claimed that she is not the only actress portraying glamourous roles and she does glamourous roles and wears bikini costumes as it suits her. Her current projects are Rakta Charitra(Hindi, Tamil & Telugu), Pranchiyettan and The Saint(Malayalam) and Eno Onthara(Kannada).

National Award for Paruthi Veeran became a big burden on Priyamani as people in the film industry thought that she would do only meaty roles thereafter. So, she did not even get normal heroine roles of shaking legs with heroes. To break this thought, she started portraying extremely glamourous roles to grab more offers(Her bikini appearance in Drona crossed all boundaries). But her extreme glamourous portrayals have created a negative impact on her. That’s why she is short of opportunities and she has no point in alleging anybody for her mistake.

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