Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Anushka refuse to act with Silambarasan?

2010 is turning out well for Anushka! While her recent Telugu releases ‘Vedam’ becomes super-duper hit and appreciated by A Class audiences, her ‘Panchakshari’ becomes successful in B and C Centres of AP. Anushka also tasted her first success in Tamil through ‘Singam’. What would be her next move? Does she have any hidden agenda? Scroll down to catch them!

‘Vedam’ is a multiple story film where all the stories converge into the climax of the movie. Five persons from different backgrounds come to the city with different selfish motives. How they unite and the transformation of characters from having selfish goal to do selfless service has been narrated grippingly in the climax.

In Vedam, Anushka titillates the audience in the prostitute role named Amalapuram Saroja. She oozed sexiness and effused the vulnerability and innocence needed for the character. Super Good Films bought the remake rights of ‘Vedam’ in Tamil and they already booked Silambarasan aka Simbu as the hero. They approached Anushka to portray the same prostitute role in the Tamil remake too but Anushka refused the offer. She refused because Simbu is the hero and whoever pairs him would be gossiped together? Or to disprove the old gossip that says they both are in love already?

One more buzz from the rumour mills says that Anushka aims at Number One position in Tamil defeating Tamannah! That’s why she shifted her dwelling to Chennai and she is very choosy in signing Tamil films. Her character in ‘Kanchana’, a sequel of ‘Muni’, opposite Raghava Lawrence is specially designed for her powerfully and her next project ‘Mangatha’ opposite ‘Thala’ Ajith and Venkat Prabhu combination reveals how choosy she is. So, she is perfectly towards her goal in Kollywood. At this juncture, she may not want to spoil her name by playing prostitute character in Tamil. U.S. Management Consultant Peter Drucker rightly said “Promotion should not be more important than accomplishment, or avoiding instability more important than taking the right risk.”

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