Sunday, April 25, 2010

SMS Heroine Anuya in Item Number!

After the release of ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ (SMS), Anuya was rated by her fans in a website as she looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous, she possesses Impressive Talent and she has Seductive Sex Appeal. Yes. It’s all true!

Pune Film Institute ex-student-cum-model Anuya was lucky to get a good role in her debut Tamil film ‘SMS’ itself. Though her performance was well received by the audience, the film was unsuccessful at box office as the picturisation of the film was tacky. But she was once again lucky enough to portray a meaty role in her second film ‘Madurai Sambavam’ in which she played a perfidious encounter specialist police officer (She performed a steamy bed scene too). Both Radharavi’s and Anuya’s performances were the only highlights of the film.

Anuya anticipated that opportunities would knock her door after ‘Madurai Sambavam’ but it did not happen. News says Anuya appears for a special item song in ‘Nanjupuram’ starring popular small screen actor Raghav and ‘Silanthi’ fame Monica in lead roles. Anuya said she was happy to part of the song as it was not a glamourous item number. Rather it was a song that outlines the story of the movie. Recently, she took part in a reality dance show and got friendly with Raghav who requested her to take up a song with him. Since it was an interesting script, she accepted to be a part of this item song. News says Anuya performed one more item song in ‘Thalainagaram Part 2’ now renamed as ‘Nagaram Marupakkam’ upon request of Sundar.C. A Tamil weekly magazine revealed that she is charging 5 lakh rupees for an item number!

Anuya says she is ready for double-heroine roles provided there is enough importance to her character. She says even her second film ‘Madurai Sambavam’ had two actresses in lead roles including her. But her character managed to hog the attention. You may be wondering why such a good performer degrading herself by performing item numbers. The answer is there in her reply to the Press. Yes. She said she managed to ‘hog’ the attention in her second film that starred 2 heroines. ‘Hog’ means ‘take the lion's share of’ & ‘monopolize’. Anuya says she knows how to hang on in the film industry, take her share and then monopolize. Best of luck, Anuya!

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