Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kiran Rathod's desperate attempt in High School & its effects

“Desperate situations call for desperate measures” is a famous proverb. If you see Kiran Rathod starrer ‘High School’ movie’s latest stills on net, you could realize the real meaning of the above proverb. High School movie stills published one after the other have been creating hot waves and great expectations among glam adorers. I think this is the first time a popular actress has resorted to exhibit extreme and immodest glamour on screen. What is the fact behind this daring decision of Kiran Rathod? Scroll down to catch the details.

You all know Kiran Rathod remained a synonym to glamour and romance. After the hit of her debut movie ‘Gemini’, Kiran Rathod portrayed heroine roles in Anbe Sivam, Winner, Villain, Diwan and Thennavan. Despite a good start, her career waned as Trisha, Shriya, Nayanthara, Asin took over her opportunities. Then she resorted to performing Item Numbers in leading heroes’ films to stay alive in the field. But the leading heroes and directors who utilized her for item numbers did not turn up with heroine roles in their next films. Now she is 29 years of age and her matured face reveals her real age despite good make-up. With the intention to capitalize on opportunities before she becomes field-out, she has taken a daring (dangerous?) decision to expose in immodest way in High School.

The ‘High School’ story is about a 30 year old woman who falls in love with 13 year old boy. The movie is based on Italian film ‘Malena’ in which Monica Bellucci did the lead role. Director Narasimha Nandi said that the film has romance and comedy in it. Kiran Rathod has given a very good performance in addition to filling the glamour slot. Though the director claims that it is a family oriented movie, the stills released so far reveals that the film is entirely dependent upon the oomph factor of Kiran alone. ‘High School’ Posters depicting 13 year old boy romancing Kiran in Mini Skirts, Half Pant with sleeveless tops, wet see-through saree, and wet see-through shirt alone created sensation in Tollywood. It seems the Censor Board has asked director to remove certain intimate scenes of Kiran romancing 13 year old boy as they were immodest. But the director did not agree to it. So, the Censor Board gave ‘A’ certificate to the film. Filmmakers have appealed to the tribunal in this regard. It seems the film would be released in the last week of this month in Tollywood and it would soon be dubbed in Tamil too.

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