Friday, February 26, 2010

Meera Jasmine's lover Mandolin Rajesh becomes official husband?

It is true that a gossip story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run. My friend Tamil Sydney had done a deep research about the persons with whom Meera Jasmine was gossiped earlier (viz. Lohithadas, Prithiviraj, S.J.Surya, Prasanth) and finally delivered his verdict that it was Mandolin Rajesh who was the real lover of Meera Jasmine, they were living together without official marriage and they had split because of her coziness with Prasanth on the sets of ‘Malaiyoor Mambattiyaan’. Contrary to the rumours, the story has taken a new twist with Rajesh making a surprise entry when Meera celebrated her birthday on the sets of a Malayalam film recently.

A day after Valentine day i.e. on Monday, February 15, Meera Jasmine celebrated her birthday on the sets of her upcoming Malayalam film ‘Paattinte Palazhi’ in Mysore. The film unit had arranged a birthday cake for Meera. When Meera, wearing Kerala Saree and ethnic jewellery, was about to cut her birthday cake, her lover Mandolin Rajesh, dressed in white pant and shirt, came out of Meera’s car and wished her. A delighted Meera accepted the piece of cake offered by Rajesh with a big smile on her face. A leading Tamil portal wrote that Meera Jasmine introduced Mandolin Rajesh as her ‘hubby’ to the film unit. Meera arranged the birthday party to publicly make visible their good terms, the portal added.

It was in Feb 2008 Meera Jasmine said “I feel Rajesh has been given to me by god to heal all the sufferings that I have undergone in my life. To be paired with him is my good luck.” Rajesh told “"If I'm to be married to Meera Jasmine that would mean a match decreed in heaven.” Again in July 2009 Rajesh said ““It’s all over; I had a great dream which went bust leaving me with a lot of painful memories” Meera even refused to open her mouth about Rajesh at that time. Now they celebrated Meera’s birthday together. My words for those who followed this gossip story of Meera Jasmine since inception is Don’t feel angry as they both made us fool. Because there is a saying “Those who ridicule other people becomes himself a jest”

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