Monday, January 19, 2009

Poo Movie Review

Movie: Poo
Genre: Love
Cast: Srikanth, Parvathi
Director: Sasi
Music: S.S.Kumaran
Produced by: Moserbaer, Nesagee Cinemas

The story is about an innocent rural girl, her love, aspirations, dreams and sacrifices. This script is adapted from the short story titled 'Veyilodu Poi', written by S.Tamil Selvan.

Mari(Parvathi) loves her cousin(uncle’s son) Thangarasu(Srikanth) from childhood. She strongly believes that she can only take care of her cousin perfectly. Even if she can’t marry him, she wishes his wellbeing and she is not ready to wipe out her love for him. Thangarasu goes to Chennai to study Mechanical Engineering. Several attempts of Mari to convey her love to Thangarasu while he is in Chennai go in vain. Thangarasu returns home after finishing his degree for his sister’s marriage. Mari again tries to convey her love but fails. In the meantime, Thangarasu’s father, after learning from his son that he cannot earn 40K to 60K like computer engineers do, fixes his marriage with the daughter of a local oil mill owner. A girl friend of Thangarasu who came to attend marriage of his sister reveals him Mari’s true and deep love for him. Thangarasu realises the fact and wants to marry Mari. But his father, a bullock cart driver, wants his son to settle down so that he can retire from hard work. Moreover Thangarasu’s friend reveals him the demerit of consanguineous marriage. Finally, Thangarasu marries mill owner’s daughter. Mari’s brother wants her to marry a small grocery shop owner before the marriage of Thangarasu. Mari accepts that too considering Thangarasu should not feel guilty that he ruined her life. But when Mari learns that Thangarasu is not leading a happy life with his wife and he is harshly treated by his wife, she realises that her sacrifice has gone in vain and starts crying. With that sad note the film ends.

+ Points:

Parvathi as Mari, on her debut in Tamil Cinema, has done her role with √©lan. She is aware of the saying ‘Acting is not reacting; it is behaving’. She absorbed the character very well and delivers emotions naturally and effortlessly. Everytime she listens the name Thangarasu, her face glows like a 1000 watts bulb and her eyes glitter is good to watch. Eventhough the entire screenplay revolves around her she fastens us with the seat with her lifelike and fascinating performance. I will not be surprised if Parvathi is nominated for best actress awards for this film.

In a heroine oriented subject, Srikanth has little role to play. But he portrayed his role neatly.

Inbanila as Mari’s friend(Cheeni) and Ramu as Srikanth’s father(Penaakarar) show plenty of potential and put up good performance.

Debutant S.S.Kumaran deserves accolades for his superb songs and background score in this film. Especially ‘Choo Choo Mari’(Parthasarathy, S.Mirudula, Srimathi), ‘Sivakasi Rathiye’(Periya Karuppu Thevar – is not his voice resembling Gangai Amaran?) and ‘Aavaram Poo’(Chinmayee) are magnificent. Lyrics of Na.Muthukumar and S.Gnanakaravel reveal affinity of the soil. P.G.Muthiah with Camera captures the rural charm on to the screen. Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction are handled by Sasi. Hats off to Sasi for his courage to make a heroine oriented subject and bringing out lifelike performance from everyone acted in this film with no commercial add-ons in it.

- Points:

Comedy track is not appealing.

Although all songs are good, atleast one or two songs might be edited to keep pace of the film.

Unlike ‘Paruthi Veeran’, there is no strong reason revealed for the determination of Mari to marry Thangarasu.

Even if you blame destiny, the sad ending of the film could be avoided as it is deliberately done to leave a lump on your throat.

Final Comment:

We seldom get such a good film with clean narration, soft emotions and soil’s flavour that can be seen with family and children. So, please don’t miss it.

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