Saturday, February 27, 2010

Padmapriya's hot strategy to conquer Bollywood

Padmapriya is the only multilingual actress who is currently acting in all the 4 South Indian language films. She has 2 Malayalam, 2 Telugu, 1 Tamil and 1 Kannada films in hand and five of her films will be released in 3 to 4 months time. News says this MBA graduate has been devising strategies to conquer Bollywood too after the release of her debut Hindi movie ‘Striker’. Does not this sound interesting? Scroll down to catch her latest plans.

Padmapriya played the female lead in ‘Striker’ opposite Boys fame Siddharth. Though reviews say ‘Striker’ lacks a solid script to strike a chord, it says Padmapriya delivered credible performance and looks confident. Padmapriya said “I am very happy about the feedback for my performance in the film. But I am not sure whether I would act in some more Hindi films in the near future. It all depends on the quality of roles that I am offered. But nothing is finalized yet and the talks are still on.”

You all know recently Padmapriya appeared in a skimpy figure-hugging dress that challenged Namitha, at the audio launch of ‘Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam.’ Though she said she is looking for quality roles, news says she is working in the background to snatch opportunities. After the release of ‘Striker’, she has been receiving invitations for night parties of Bollywood. To capture Hindi movie chances, she has recently done a photo session and prepared her photo album and circulated it among Bollywood producers and media. A famous Tamil portal said she has exposed to her maximum extent in the photo album(she has posed ‘almost topless’ level). Justifying her extreme glamorous exposure in the album she said she would go to any extent in acting if the script demands it, the portal added. It seems she has decided boldly to test the extremes of glamour on silver screen. That's it, baby, if you've got it, flaunt it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Asin becomes leading actress in Tamil Again!

Her official website says Asin means Pure and her name symbolizes she is a combination of the eastern and the western cultures. Yes. She is right. That’s why she got nationwide fame for her fabulous performance in Hindi ‘Ghajini’ after establishing herself as the leading actress in South India. To share the screen space with great actors like Kamal Hassan and Aamir Khan and yet remain in our memory is not something very easy. She does this quite brilliantly. Such a fabulous performer is back to Tamil. Scroll down to catch the details.

My friend Tamil Sydney wrote in this site in September 2009 itself that Asin returns to Tamil. At that time, I thought she would not return as her career in Bollywood looked bright. But the flop of her second Hindi film ‘London Dreams’ made her dreams fell apart, throwing her shiny new Bollywood career into the dust. Her quitting from the Ashutosh Gowarikar’s upcoming film ‘Khelenge Hum Jee Jaan Se’ also damaged her reputation to some extent in Bollywood. With no fresh offers for Hindi movies, advertisement offers also dried up. As Tamil Sydney already wrote the production of a Hindi film normally takes 2 years. In that time, she could act in 3 to 4 South Indian movies. Even though Bollywood pays her more, she could earn more than that by acting in more number of south Indian films. Reports say Asin dislikes the party culture of the Bollywood. Considering all these, she decided to return to South Indian films.

In her reentry, Asin pairs Vijay in his 51st Tamil film which is a remake of Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’ directed by Siddhique. While Vijay portrays Dilip’s role in this film, Asin portrays Nayanthara’s role. Director A.R.Murugadoss booked Asin for his next project with Surya. A famous Tamil portal wrote that actor Simbu also approached Asin for his film ‘Vaaliban’ offering her a hefty amount as remuneration. It seems Asin also said Okay to Simbu’s request. At present, Asin has 4 Tamil films and 1 Telugu film in her hand, the portal added. Asin is a talented actress. Talent is like electricity. We don't understand electricity. We use it. Welcome Asin! Come and Enchant us with your fabulous performance!

What went wrong with Namitha fame?

She was the 2nd most searched actress in Google in 2008 (around 3 crores search). She is the second actress to have temple by her fans after Kushboo. Her adorers/ fans invented novel nicknames for her viz. Oozing Oomph, Bombshell, Buxom babe, Lusty Busty babe, Sizzling Siren, Nymphet, Six Feet Alcohol, Arabian Horse. The glam doll who has such a huge number of fans following her is not even having a handful of films at present. Could you believe that? Yes. I am talking about Boobiculous and Bootylicious Namitha! Come on. Let’s analyze what went wrong with her.

“When you reach the top, that's when the climb begins.” Namitha forgot this saying when she was at peak. If you see the career graph of Kushboo and Simran, they earlier acted in glamour roles only in lot of films. But whenever they found opportunity, they grabbed the chance to portray meaty roles thereby established themselves as a good artiste. They perfectly balanced themselves between glamour and character roles and transformed themselves brilliantly as they grow older. That’s why they both reigned the Kollywood more than a decade and carved out their own niche in the industry.

There is only a thin difference between glamourousness and obscenity. Most of the directors have used Namitha as ‘pickle’ in their films viz. Sandai, Pandi, Perumal, Thee, 1977, etc. Her much awaited films, Indira Vizha, Jaganmohini, Nil Gavani Kathali failed in box office even though it contained her overdosed glamour. She is portraying a prostitute role in her upcoming film ‘Azhagana Ponnuthaan’ loving an 18 year old teenager. Misguided by directors, Namitha went on disrobing her clothes and exhibited unabashed skin show film after film. That’s where her career graph started to slide down and her acting has been degraded from glamour to obscene. She did not portray meaty roles and try risky plots. If she could pull out her oomph girl tag and portray good roles under good directors, she could definitely reach the top again. English poet Alexander Pope rightly said “Beauties in vain their pretty eyes may roll; Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.”

Meera Jasmine's lover Mandolin Rajesh becomes official husband?

It is true that a gossip story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run. My friend Tamil Sydney had done a deep research about the persons with whom Meera Jasmine was gossiped earlier (viz. Lohithadas, Prithiviraj, S.J.Surya, Prasanth) and finally delivered his verdict that it was Mandolin Rajesh who was the real lover of Meera Jasmine, they were living together without official marriage and they had split because of her coziness with Prasanth on the sets of ‘Malaiyoor Mambattiyaan’. Contrary to the rumours, the story has taken a new twist with Rajesh making a surprise entry when Meera celebrated her birthday on the sets of a Malayalam film recently.

A day after Valentine day i.e. on Monday, February 15, Meera Jasmine celebrated her birthday on the sets of her upcoming Malayalam film ‘Paattinte Palazhi’ in Mysore. The film unit had arranged a birthday cake for Meera. When Meera, wearing Kerala Saree and ethnic jewellery, was about to cut her birthday cake, her lover Mandolin Rajesh, dressed in white pant and shirt, came out of Meera’s car and wished her. A delighted Meera accepted the piece of cake offered by Rajesh with a big smile on her face. A leading Tamil portal wrote that Meera Jasmine introduced Mandolin Rajesh as her ‘hubby’ to the film unit. Meera arranged the birthday party to publicly make visible their good terms, the portal added.

It was in Feb 2008 Meera Jasmine said “I feel Rajesh has been given to me by god to heal all the sufferings that I have undergone in my life. To be paired with him is my good luck.” Rajesh told “"If I'm to be married to Meera Jasmine that would mean a match decreed in heaven.” Again in July 2009 Rajesh said ““It’s all over; I had a great dream which went bust leaving me with a lot of painful memories” Meera even refused to open her mouth about Rajesh at that time. Now they celebrated Meera’s birthday together. My words for those who followed this gossip story of Meera Jasmine since inception is Don’t feel angry as they both made us fool. Because there is a saying “Those who ridicule other people becomes himself a jest”

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kiran Rathod's desperate attempt in High School & its effects

“Desperate situations call for desperate measures” is a famous proverb. If you see Kiran Rathod starrer ‘High School’ movie’s latest stills on net, you could realize the real meaning of the above proverb. High School movie stills published one after the other have been creating hot waves and great expectations among glam adorers. I think this is the first time a popular actress has resorted to exhibit extreme and immodest glamour on screen. What is the fact behind this daring decision of Kiran Rathod? Scroll down to catch the details.

You all know Kiran Rathod remained a synonym to glamour and romance. After the hit of her debut movie ‘Gemini’, Kiran Rathod portrayed heroine roles in Anbe Sivam, Winner, Villain, Diwan and Thennavan. Despite a good start, her career waned as Trisha, Shriya, Nayanthara, Asin took over her opportunities. Then she resorted to performing Item Numbers in leading heroes’ films to stay alive in the field. But the leading heroes and directors who utilized her for item numbers did not turn up with heroine roles in their next films. Now she is 29 years of age and her matured face reveals her real age despite good make-up. With the intention to capitalize on opportunities before she becomes field-out, she has taken a daring (dangerous?) decision to expose in immodest way in High School.

The ‘High School’ story is about a 30 year old woman who falls in love with 13 year old boy. The movie is based on Italian film ‘Malena’ in which Monica Bellucci did the lead role. Director Narasimha Nandi said that the film has romance and comedy in it. Kiran Rathod has given a very good performance in addition to filling the glamour slot. Though the director claims that it is a family oriented movie, the stills released so far reveals that the film is entirely dependent upon the oomph factor of Kiran alone. ‘High School’ Posters depicting 13 year old boy romancing Kiran in Mini Skirts, Half Pant with sleeveless tops, wet see-through saree, and wet see-through shirt alone created sensation in Tollywood. It seems the Censor Board has asked director to remove certain intimate scenes of Kiran romancing 13 year old boy as they were immodest. But the director did not agree to it. So, the Censor Board gave ‘A’ certificate to the film. Filmmakers have appealed to the tribunal in this regard. It seems the film would be released in the last week of this month in Tollywood and it would soon be dubbed in Tamil too.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hansika Motwani is Jayam Ravi’s heroine in Ich

"Great oaks grow from little acorns" – the proverb denotes that sometimes small and modest things can become very large and impressive things with time. Recently I viewed a photo shoot video of Busty and Sweet Cutesy Hansika Motwani in web with the following comments that reminded me the above proverb: “Just like yesterday she was a cute little girl in movies and television; Look at her now! How did she grow so fast? I'm just dumbstruck! Anyways, looking at the way she is exposing, she would soon give Mallikas and Sherlyns a tough competition”

Yes. Hot Cutesy Hansika proved the above statement right. After her successful stints in Bollywood, Tollywood and Sandalwood, this Sweet 18 landed in Kollywood for ‘Mappillai’ for pairing Dhanush. Even before the release of her debut Tamil movie, she gets an offer to act in one more Tamil film ‘Ich’. She is now Jayam Ravi’s heroine in Ich, to be directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by Kalpathi S Agoharam. Here is what Hansika said about Ich, “I’m a big fan of Prabhu Deva sir. When he narrated the story of the film to me, I was hooked! I play a 17-year-old girl in this beautiful love story. What attracted me to the project is that it has the crème de la crème of Kollywood — Prabhu Deva, Kalpathi sir, Jayam Ravi, Harris Jayaraj and Nirav Shah. It’s a dream team.” Confirming this news Prabhu Deva reveals that “Hansika has got the combo of good looks and talent; also she is fresh for the Tamil industry. She fit my specifications.” Prabhu Deva has planned to shoot 80 per cent of the film in France, and the remaining 20 percent in Chennai.

It seems Hansika got this opportunity trailing Shruti Haasan behind her because Prabhu Deva was on the lookout for a girl who could radiate innocent charm. Using this opportunities, if Hansika balances herself perfectly between glamour and acting, she could conquer and reign Kollywood like Kushboo and Simran. If she starts exposing vulgarly with the intention to climb the ladder quickly, she would soon be out of field like Kiran Rathod! Hot Cutesy Hansika – Choice is yours. Now the ball is in your court.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shruti Hassan and Siddharth Love going steady

Usually versatile personalities attract normal people quite easily. But if two multi-talented personalities work together it will end up in…. yes! You are right! Love! Kamal Hassan’s daughter Shruti Hassan is dating Siddharth. Scroll down to catch more details.

You know Shruti Hassan is a singer-turned- music composer-turned-actress. Siddharth is an assistant director-turned-actor-turned-playback singer and screenplay writer. News leaked earlier in November 2009 revealed that Shruti and Siddharth were introduced in a party at Chennai. After that, they have been spotted together many times during lunches, dinner meetings and they have been seen at parties dancing till night. They both looked comfortable with each other. Now this pair is acting together in Telugu fantasy epic ‘Yodha’ Tongues started wagging about the couple after they were seen entering together the premiere of Siddharth’s Bollywood film ‘Striker’ While their dating was implicit so far, it seems they are moving towards formalizing it. It looks like Shruti has introduced Siddharth to her parents. Kamal Hassan is aware that the couple is getting increasingly fond of each other. Shruti also seems serious about him. It seems Shruti’s sister Akshara met Siddharth and they get along well.

Shruti was earlier gossiped with a guitarist. After divorcing his wife of four years, Meghna in 2006, Siddharth was dating Soha Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress. After the failure of his affair with Soha Ali Khan, Siddharth is now dating Shruti. While ‘Love’ is considered as ‘sin’ in middle class families, this ‘sin’ is considered as a ‘pleasure’ in high class families! Both Shruti and Siddharth have age, money and status. What else is there to forbid them? Let them enjoy their life!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Simbu Out, Jeeva In? in KV Anand KO

It is not the first time we are hearing about Simbu @ Silambarasan having difference of opinion with his directors. Normally it happens during the course of shooting or after release of the movie. This time, just before the shooting commences, Simbu quits the project. Yes. Simbu has opted out of director K.V. Anand’s Ko, just three days before the shoot was to start in Northern China.

K.V. Anand became a hot director in Kollywood after his ‘Ayan’ turned out to be blockbuster of 2009 and the best of the Stars wanted to work with him. But the director was looking for a saleable hero in his mid 20’s in keeping with the story of Ko. Simbu was bowled over by the script and gave bulk dates to Anand. However, problems soon arose between the director and the hero over certain scenes in the film and the casting. Moreover, Ko story demanded a complete makeover and the actor has to wait long to act in it. Simbu was unhappy with Karthika (daughter of yesteryear actress Radha) playing the heroine. Simbu did a photo shoot with Karthika, which reportedly came out well, but the actor was not pleased with it. Anand was adamant that he would not change his choice of heroine. The producer Kalpathi Aghoram tried to sort it out but both parties were stubborn. So, both the director and actor decided to part amicably, without any ill feeling.

Simbu said “Yes, I will not be a part of K.V. Anand’s film as there were far too many differences of opinion between us right from the beginning. But today, I am a relieved man. I wish him all the best” Director Anand said “Simbu is a star and a very good dancer and we still have mutual respect for each other. An actor has no right to dabble in other departments of filmmaking. I’m confident about my script, which is a fast-paced thriller laced with commercial ingredients. Of course, a big hero will give the film a good opening but if the film has to sustain and become a hit, it needs a good script” The grapevine has it that Anand has narrated the script to Jeeva, who is very happy with the subject and has no issues about Karthika being the heroine. After the release of the film only we will know who is the loser, Simbu or Anand?

Rambha getting married on 8th April

I still remember correctly that after the sudden demise of actress Divya Bharathi in 1993, producers approached Rambha, as she resembled Divya Bharathi, requesting her to act in the unfinished films of Divya Bharathi. Rambha took a wise decision that time not to act as duplicate of Divya Bharathi in incomplete films. Her wise decision at the age of 17 took her to greater heights and she successfully completed acting in almost 100 films in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali and Bhojpuri. She recently proved that she could take even better and wiser decision at the age of 33! Yes. Rambha is getting married on 8th April 2010 at Tirupathi! Scroll down to catch the details.

Though Rambha acted several films in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil earlier, 'Ullathai Alli Tha' gave her a major breakthrough in her acting career. She even had a nickname 'Thudayazhaki' (Gorgeous thighs) which was given by her fans. Her own production ‘Three Roses’ posed her lot of troubles. Then she had been seen in the panel of judges for ‘Manada Mayilada’ program in Kalaignar TV. Recently she became the brand ambassador for Magic Woods, a Canada-based international company that deals with home, kitchen, and bath vanity high luxury products. For this she has been gifted a black BMW 750Li (worth Rs.1.5 Crores) by the company. When everybody was amazing about this gift, the next news came as a bombardment. Rambha got engaged to Indiran (age 37), Canada based Tamil businessman and Managing Director of Magic Woods, on January 27, 2010 at Park Sheraton Hotel, Chennai and Indiran presented a diamond ring worth rupees 1 Crore during the betrothal ceremony to Rambha. Latest News is Rambha is getting married to Indiran on 8th April 2010 at Tirupathi and only close relatives will be invited for the marriage. Rambha planned to say goodbye to films after marriage and she is going to settle with her husband in Canada.

People always call it luck when somebody acted more sensibly than they have. Good Luck Rambha! Wish you happy married life!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nayanthara & Prabhudeva living together without official marriage?

History reveals that whoever paired with Super Star Rajnikanth reigned Kollywood for a long time. Be it is Kushboo, Gouthami, Meena or Shriya. Nayanthara got that golden opportunity so early in her career. After pairing Rajnikanth in ‘Chandramukhi’, her career graph hit the top and she became the top star in Kollywood. Though Rajnikanth ensured her presence in all his consecutive films, Nayanthara’s career graph plunged because of her illegal desire.

Recently a popular Tamil biweekly wrote in its gossip column that Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva are living together in single house. They have decided not to marry publicly as it will affect Nayanthara’s career and also create problems in Prabhu Deva’s family. But Nayanthara’s yesterday’s statement again puts us in confusion. She said “I came to film industry without any desires. But I mingled with cinema once I stepped into it. I earned name, fame and status more than I anticipated. I wish I should continue to be in good films and be with good name and fame. I don’t know when my marriage will take place and whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage. But one thing is sure. My marriage will take place only with the consent of my parents but with whom, I don’t know” When asked about Prabhu Deva, she said ‘No comments’. When asked about her dance performance planned with Prabhu Deva during the felicitation function of TN Chief Minister on 6th Feb 2010, she simply said she will participate in the function.

You all know Nayanthara is taking one month break to rejuvenate her body with ayurvedic massage treatment. If she uses this break to review the mistakes she committed in the past and corrects herself, she can not only regain her glowing face but also regain her status in the film industry.

Shriya's Contradictory Desires

U.S. writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function” I remembered this quote when I read two contradictory statements of Shriya recently. Committing for an Item Dance in ‘Puli’ on one hand, she expressed her desire to pair with Ajith on the other hand.

You all know ‘Puli’ is an upcoming bilingual film starring Pavan Kalyan in Telugu and S.J.Surya in Tamil. Shriya recently signed to perform an Item Dance for this film. News says she demanded 50 Lakhs rupees initially but signed for 15 Lakhs for an Item Number! Justifying her decision she said “I have come for acting whether it is lead role or item number. I don’t have any discrimination. As far as this film is concerned, it is a combination of legends S.J.Surya, Pavan Kalyan and A.R.Rehman. Appearing for an item number in this film is a great thing. Moreover my favourite dance master Brundha choreographed for this song sequence. So, I happily agreed”

After portraying the much coveted role opposite Rajnikanth in ‘Sivaji – The Boss’, Shriya performed an item number with comedian Vadivelu in ‘Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan’ as she got 50 Lakhs for that item number. Annoyed by her move, Ajith, who originally planned to pair with Shriya for ‘Aegan’, dropped Shriya from the project. Now, Shriya expressed her desire two days ago this way “I have an unfulfilled desire. That is to act with Ajith. Formerly pairing with him could not happen unexpectedly. I believe that it would happen in the coming days” Does not her wish sound strange? That too after committing an item number again? I don’t think so. Be it is her sensuous postures to South Scope Calendar or her committing an item number or her desire to pair with Ajith and Vijay, I see only her ulterior intention that is making money in any way because she knows she can hoist her sail when the wind is fair.

Pooja Upset as no National Award for Naan Kadavul

You could not have seen a happier person than Pooja after the success of ‘Naan Kadavul’ She was absolutely on cloud nine or may be even higher than that with the success of that film and she had been receiving rave reviews for her performance. She pinched herself hard to ensure that it was not a dream when Rajnikanth poured accolades on Pooja for her extra-ordinary performance. All that enthusiasm and happiness vanished from her face after the recent announcement of National Awards. You know why? Please continue reading.

Pooja bagged the female lead role in Bala's Naan Kadavul by replacing Bhavana and ‘Raman Thediya Seethai’ fame Karthika. Earlier ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ fame Neetu Chandra also considered for that role. Pooja had concentrated in this film with all her heart and did not accept other roles until the film was completed. She proved her great talent in the blind beggar character and she was appreciated by the critics for her fantastic performance.

Pooja expected National Award for her performance in this film. She thought of committing fresh projects only after getting the national award. Till then, she has been in the panel of the judges in the popular reality dance shows on Kalaignar TV and rejecting new offers. After the recent announcement of National Awards, she is totally upset as she did not get the national award and she missed a few good opportunities. What I would like to say to Pooja is Losing an award does not mean that you are not talented but you are unlucky this time only. There is every possibility to bag awards in future because “The difficult we do at once; the impossible takes a bit longer”

Why Actresses are happy about DLF IPL 2010?

You all know that the Indian Premier League Third Season DLF IPL 2010 or IPL 3 is going to be conducted in India from 12th March 2010 to 25th April 2010. It is a matter of celebration not only for Cricket Players but also for Cricket Fans. But news says Kollywood Actresses too are very happy with the announcement of IPL 3 to be conducted in India this time. Does not this sound fishy? Come on. Let’s probe it.

In IPL 2008 (First Season), Actor Vijay and Nayanthara were appointed as brand ambassadors for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) IPL team. Later CSK IPL team terminated Nayanthara contract as brand ambassador for allegedly breaching the terms of contract. There was buzz that Trisha had been roped in place of Nayanthara. But CSK later confirmed that Actor Vijay will be the sole brand ambassador for CSK. Since the Second Season of IPL 2009 matches fell on election dates and also on vote counting days, the Indian Government denied providing security for IPL matches. The tournament was conducted in South Africa in 2009 as the cost of telecasting matches, transportation, accommodation and security worked out cheaper. And our actresses did not get the chance to become Brand Ambassadors in IPL Season 2 as it was conducted in abroad. The Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) Twenty20 tournament was estimated to generate advertising revenue of over Rs.600 Crores in its first season. This time, it is 700 Crores!

Now you could guess why Kollywood Actresses are happier than cricket players! News says actresses are happy because they could become brand ambassadors this time as the matches are to be conducted in India and they are trying intensely to grab the chance. Why not? Because by becoming a Brand Ambassador, one can earn money, see all matches live, meet team players & develop friendship with them and also get free publicity till the tournament is over! One effort, Multiple benefits! Good Luck Glam Dolls!

No risk takers for Tamil actor Jeevan

There was a constant hunt, in Tamil film industry, for a hero who could portray negative-cum-playboy character with ease. Jeevan filled up that vacuum brilliantly. Like Rajnikanth and Satyaraj, he is a villain-turned-hero. Whether he can endure in the film industry successfully like Rajnikanth and Satyaraj depends upon his wise decisions. Scroll down to catch the latest news about Jeevan!

Jeevan’s debut film ‘University’ went unnoticed due to poor public opinion about the film. His performance as Pandyaa in ‘Kaaka Kaaka’ won him lot of accolades. After 3 years of hiatus, he did lead role in ‘Thiruttu Payale’ which brought him under limelight. The remake of yesteryear Tamil film ‘Naan Avanillai’ turned out a blockbuster. His later releases ‘Machakaaran’ and ‘Thotta’ disappeared without any traces at the box office. His latest release ‘Naan Avanillai Part 2’ was only an average hit. His upcoming film ‘Krishna Leelai’, which was to hit screens long time back, is currently awaiting the release.

A leading Tamil evening daily wrote in its gossip column recently that Jeevan has only one film in hand and that is ‘Krishna Leelai'. Producers are hesitating to book him for their films as he has given 3 consecutive flops. Recently two new directors narrated him their scripts. After hearing, Jeevan coolly said the script is good and asked the new directors to arrange finance themselves. Hearing Jeevan’s request, the two new directors vanished from that place. I understood Jeevan’s mindset from his recent interview to press “Since audiences have been extending their support for the roles I’ve been performing now, there’s no need for me to switch back to negative roles” My words for Jeevan is Though a section of people support for what you do, there is always a risk that you will be caught up in an ‘image circle’ You should prove your versatility by portraying different roles because “No tool is more beneficial than intelligence. No enemy is more harmful than ignorance”