Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jyothirmayi hot and glamorous song

There is a general perception in cinema industry that audiences accept only unmarried actresses as heroines but Jyothirmayi disproved it. She married Nishanth, a software engineer, on 6th September 2004, when her career in Malayalam was at the peak. But she has been doing well till now portraying heroine roles in Tamil and Malayalam.

Normally heroines become obese after marriage and they struggle to get their shape back like Meena struggling recently after marriage. But ‘Kerala Kolaputtu’ Jyothirmayi maintains her curves and curls in the right place even after marriage and she still looks quite sensuous and hot. I recently read in an evening Tamil daily that her Malayalam film, ‘Sagar alias Jacky Reloaded(2009)’, in which she performed an item song glamorously is going to be dubbed in Tamil as ‘Vetrinadai’.

This news aroused curiosity in my mind and I immediately searched in YouTube for that video and I was lucky enough to find a HD quality full Song. The entire song was shot in Goa beach. In the 3.30 minutes song, Jyothirmayi appears in 6 different alluring costumes that perfectly reveal her shape, cleavage, thighs, navel, armpit and buttocks. Her dance movements were choreographed in sensuous way and the camera angles were also kept unique highlighting her assets. Above all, her facial expressions and body language added spices and seduces the audience.

It was really surprising me how a married actress still wins audiences for her glamourous performance and how her husband allows that? She answered to this question in an interview “My husband is a gem of character. There is a good understanding between us. He realizes the facts and expectations of the industry from an actress like me. He never objects me doing glamour roles. It is only up to my decision”. Yeah! Nishanth is really generous! While Nishanth deals ‘Software’ in IT industry, his wife Jyothirmayi deals ‘Hardware’ in film industry! What a great combination!

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