Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bhanu Star Nights and Cultural Programs

Calamities are of two kinds: Misfortune to ourselves and good fortune to others. That’s what exactly happened to Muktha Elsa George aka Bhanu! When ‘Saamy’ director Hari introduced Bhanu in ‘Thamiraparani’, she dreamt that she would become as busy and popular as Nayanthara who was also introduced by Hari in Ayya.

Kerala has been the major exporter of Glam Dolls to Kollywood viz. Nayanthara, Bhavana, Meera Jasmine, Gopika, Jyothirmayi, etc. Though news said Bhanu was studying in 9th Standard only when Thamiraparani(2007) released, it was too hard for me to believe seeing the maturity in her face, her anatomy and her belly size(she was even named as sexy belly actress after that film!). When opportunities knocked Bhanu’s door after Thamiraparani release, she was not in a position to accept it due to problems in her family. After relieving from the problems, she acted in ‘Azhagar Malai’(2009) which managed to run in B and C centers alone for Vadivelu’s comedy.

A leading Tamil evening daily recently revealed in its gossip column that Bhanu’s call sheet diary is now filled with local cultural programs and Star Nights to be held in abroad. She now prefers to dance in Star Nights than acting in films as her film opportunities almost ceased. When asked about her latest move she says performing dance live before the audiences and getting their applause gives her great pleasure. Whatever the explanation she gives, I personally believe that Bhanu has clearly understood that the world stands on three things: Money, Money, and Money and that Money has no smell.

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