Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rajinikanth daughter Soundarya getting married

2010 is going to be a memorable year, both officially and personally, for Super Star Rajnikanth! Official – his ‘Enthiran–The Robot’ release. Personal – his younger daughter Soundarya’s marriage!

News say Rajni became upset when Varun Manian filed a case on Soundarya in the court demanding his money back. After settling that issue, Rajni expressed his wish to conduct the marriage of Soundarya immediately. Aswin, son of Ramkumar, a Chennai based construction business tycoon, is a B.E., M.S. (US Stanford University) graduate now looking after the administration of his company along with his father. Aswin had been seen with Soundarya in Goa shooting spots. When the family urged Soundarya for her marriage, she thought Aswin, who understood her better, would be the better choice and she introduced him to Rajni. After customary enquiries, Rajni said Okay. So, it is a love-cum-arranged marriage which will take place with the blessings of elders in both the families. Betrothal ceremony has been planned on February 14, 2010(Valentine’s Day) in Chennai.

It seems the marriage will take place only after a few months after the release of Soundarya’s dream project Sultan the Warrior. Her maiden venture under Ocher Picture Productions, ‘Goa’ is all set to hit the screens on January 29.

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