Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nayanthara in Kannada Film

“The flowers anew, returning seasons bring!
But beauty faded has no second spring”
Bewitching Beauty Nayanthara belatedly understood the meaning of the above poem and she is now in haste to grab offers.

After creating sensation in ‘Billa’, Nayanthara could not maintain that tempo and her later four releases Kuselan, Sathyam, Aegan, and Villu were all unsuccessful. Her latest film Aadhavan was only a moderate hit. Her affair with Prabhu Deva diverted her concentration and this issue between Nayanthara and Ramlath started like a cold war which later transformed into street fight. Nayanthara’s illegal desire and her quarrel with Ramlath totally damaged her image. Using her absence, Tamannah climbed top in the ladder and many other fresh dolls also captured the new opportunities. Nayanthara lately understood her flaw and she is now on hunt for new offers. Her latest Telugu release ‘Adurs’ with Junior NTR and Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’ with Dileep releasing this week do not show her great promises. She is presently acting in ‘Simha’ starring Balakrishna in Telugu and ‘Boss Enkira Bhaskaran’ with Arya in Tamil.

Nayanthara decided to expand her territory of rule by stepping into Sandalwood as well. Nayanthara has signed her first Kannada film (Super?) this year opposite Kannada superstar Upendra. She signed Kannada film for only half of her regular pay. News says she signed one more Malayalam film ‘Electra’ recently and you know Malluwood producers are not paymasters. So, Nayanthara is grabbing new opportunities by offering cuts in her regular pay and she wants to capitalize on opportunities before she loses charm among audiences. Why not she? Because she knows Beauty is potent but money is omnipotent.

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